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Repells ticks, fleas, mosquitoes,



These Spot-On Pipettes associate the geraniol and lavandin antiparasitic properties with icaridin to repel efficiently fleas, ticks, flies and sandflies (leishmaniasis vector).
Can be used from 4 months of age. To be re-applied every 4 weeks.



Pour the liquid directly onto the skin. The action lasts 4 weeks against fleas and ticks. A 70% efficiency is reported against sandflies, two weeks after application. The action length can change depending on the environment and the dog coat. The efficiency against sandflies lasts 3 months. Acts immediately. Avoid contact with fingers. In case of repeated infestation, renew the treatment not exceeding one application per week.



Lavender, Geraniol, Icaridine, Biocide PT 19



3x pipettes (2.8ml)

Canys Dog Spot-On