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Fenech Imports is a family-run business, operated by two pharmacists, which is dedicated to sourcing and distributing high-quality products to promote health and wellness for our esteemed clients. We strive in delivering the best customer service and our clients' satisfaction is our top priority. Official distributors of ASEPTA LABORATORIES.

ASEPTA LABORATORIES were founded in 1943 in the Principality of Monaco, and since then, they have been producing and distributing renowned skin care and dermo-cosmetic products for more than 75 years. ASEPTA products take advantage of the latest research, progress and innovation in cosmetic science. High-quality, paraben-free natural ingredients are incorporated into the products, which ensure their biological effectiveness and dermatological safety. All ASEPTA products are subjected to safety and efficacy testing. Clinical or dermatological studies are carried out and monitored by experts. Each product is tested in real-life conditions.

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