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This detoxifying cream is perfect for dull, tired and stressed skin since it revitalizes and intensely moisturizes the skin. It boosts cell renewal and regenerates skin exposed to stress, pollution and smoking, leaving the skin luminous and radiant.



Tired, asphyxiated, dull and stressed skin



The Nutri-Oxygenating moisturizing cream by COUP D’ECLAT® nourishes and improves the oxygenation of the skin. This revitalizing and detoxifying cream leaves the skin illuminated and radiant. Its anti-age properties, supported by stimulating cell renewal, protects the skin from the effects of time.



Apply morning and evening to the entire face and neck that has been thoroughly cleansed with COUP D’ECLAT® Oxygenating Make-Up Remover Foam. Massage into the skin starting from the nose, moving to the temple and forehead.



Hyaluronic Acid, Ginkgo Biloba, Beeswax, Lupin Lipopeptides, Nopal Flower, Grape Seed Oil, Imperata Cylindrica, Plant Glycerin



50ml Jar

Coup D'Eclat Nutri-Oxygenating Cream

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