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Fragile nails and toenails prone to onychomycosis (fungal infection)



The ONYKOLEÏNE® purifying solution is of double benefit to weakened nails: it creates an environment hostile to the formation of microscopic fungi and contributes to nail regrowth. To be used in combination with an antifungal treatment during an active infection or as a preventative treatment for weak nails prone to fungal attacks.



Apply once a day in a fine layer using the brush to the dry, unvarnished nail. Massage until fully penetrated. Use until the nail is completely renewed. Lasts for 500 applications.

Do not use during pregnancy or breast-feeding, or in children under 6 years of age.



Tea Tree, Manuka & Red Thyme Essential Oils, Silk Lipesters® (antifungal properties), A.N.P 2+® (nail growth stimulator), Turmeric and celery extracts.



10ml bottle

Onykoleine Purifying Nail Solution

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